Hal's Race Results

If your aim is to get your results onto the web, the preferred method is to use HalSail. That way everything is web-based from the beginning and your results are available for public view at any time. HalSail also provides tools to allow you to incorporate results into emails and tweets, link to them from pages on your own website, or incorporate them into your own pages.

However if you want to work offline and only upload your data to the web later, Hal's Race Results offers two possibilities:

  • The easy way, by uploading to Hal's Archive Service. That can be done with one click from within Hal's Race Results.
  • The more laborious way by making static web pages and uploading them yourself.

Static web pages are html files corresponding to each of the paper outputs. You produce these with Hal's Race Results and paste them into your website using the same procedure you use for any other page.

You can either produce individual pages, or a set of pages with an index to the results of a whole set of races and a style sheet. Your web master can edit the style sheet to alter the appearance of the pages to suit your website.

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