Hal - Sailing results made easy

Hal provides the best software to score sailing races. It lets you compute, display and store your results.

Hal's great strength is its ease of use. Race officers have to get results out quickly and have no time to learn complicated software.

Hal is widely used for national and international championships, as well as club racing and open meetings.

Hal is fully compatible with the Racing Rules of Sailing 2017 - 2020.

Hal can analyse each boat's performance relative to its handicap and the turnout statistics of each fleet.

Hal supports the National Handicap Scheme for Cruisers (NHC).

Hal contains the latest Portsmouth Yardstick and NHC base numbers from the RYA and the handicaps from Australian Sailing and the Small Cat Scheme.

The Hal Family has three members: a completely on-line web app where you input and view all your results using the internet; a Windows application that enables you to compute and store your results off-line; and a web site that lets you upload results from the Windows application.


HalSail, provides all the functionality you need to enter, edit and view results entirely on-line. It has the same basic structure as Hal's Race Results and works with any device that has a browser. HalSail is a paid-for service, but with a free introductory period.

Hal's Race Results

Hal's Race Results is the original Hal program. You install it on a PC where it runs off-line without an internet connection. Hal's Race Results is free for any club or organisation to use.

Hal's Archive Service

Hal's Archive Service is a web site to which you can upload results after working on them with Hal's Race Results. That way people can see your results on the web even though you calculated them off-line. Hal's Archive Service is a paid-for service, but with a free introductory period.

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